“New Galleries” or Ferras Novas, Portugal, 2024

“New Galleries” or Ferras Novas, Portugal, 2024

Endless parties, exhibitions and outdoor parties. Thousands of visitors flock to the streets of Ponte de Lima for days. Here there is entertainment for all tastes, from cattle competitions to racing “garranos” (wild horses) and the majestic procession of Nossa Senhora das Durres (Our Lady of Sorrows) – the patron saint of hunters. The celebration then continues with folkloric performances, boat races, puppet parades, arts and crafts, drumming, and fireworks.

Festival entertainment

Feiras Novas offers three days and three nights of fun, colour, joy, revelry and music. Festivals appear spontaneously, with people singing and dancing in every corner of the village, making Feiras Novas a very authentic experience considered “the largest live convention of popular culture in Portugal”. The post-harvest fair takes place in September and usually falls on the third weekend, and is popular for its many festivals, exhibitions and outdoor parties. This festival marks the end of the cycle of religious festivals in Alto Minho.

Throughout the city, the city streets are filled with concertina players, enjoying their instruments, offering passers-by a taste of Portuguese music. The “Viva as Feiras Novas” music festival is held every year in Expolima for several days of celebration, showcasing many local musicians and artists. The highlight of the festivities is the multi-night fireworks display of Feiras Novas.

Livestock events

While music is an integral part of the Veras Novas festival, the livestock competition is no less important. Bulls, chickens, cattle and sheep are brought to the Expolima Theater, impressing the audience with their diversity. Known as one of the best livestock competitions in the country, it is followed by a festive parade through the Alameda de São João.

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Festival history

Feiras Novas have been celebrated since 1826, when they were established by the Royal Regiment of D. Pedro IV to honor Our Lady of Sorrows. Before that, the “Old Fair” had been held every two weeks in Ponte de Lima since 1125. If you want to experience Portuguese culture first-hand, the Ferras Novas Fair offers a great opportunity to do so.

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