Moving Out 2 Moving Out 2 will resume in 2023 on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

After being positively received by critics and players during 2020, the license Get out just announced Return in 2023 With a brand new authorship titled Sober exit 2. By introducing an all-new online co-op mode as well as new features, we’re letting you discover the first trailer for the title below.

Team17 today announced Moving Out 2, the sequel to the award-winning 2020 couch-moving game from SMG Studio and DevM Games. Moving Out 2 will launch in 2023 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and PC, and will take players back into the fast-paced world of Smooth Moves Moving Technicians (FARTs), who must pack furniture, technology and everything, including the kitchen sink, into increasingly exotic locations , with increasingly fatal challenges.

Moving Out 2 will see the introduction of a co-op and online multiplayer mode to the series, allowing FARTs around the world to team up and move furniture creatively from point A to point B and beyond! Announced on Gamescom’s opening night, Moving Out 2 will once again feature quirky unlockable characters who will traverse different dimensions in search of smooth (sometimes) break-free moves through over 50 new levels and challenges.

Key Features of Moving Out 2

  • Ongoing cooperation: Players can tackle Moving Out 2 alone or with friends (or foes) in couch co-op or cross-play.
  • Location, location and location: Over 50 new FART levels provide exciting and dangerous challenges to test their movement prowess.
  • my body: Gravity is a cruel lover and FART’s best friend; Use it to get the things they need faster…but maybe not in one piece.
  • crazy characters: With a whole new set of movers, Moving Out 2 introduces brand new characters that will charm and terrify you.
  • Support mode: Movers of all skill levels are welcome at Packmore; With the help mode, the possibilities (and fun) are endless and all-encompassing!

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