Foreign Interference: Chung testifies before the US Congress

Foreign Interference: Chung testifies before the US Congress

Conservative Representative Michael Chung testified Tuesday morning before a US Congressional committee to talk about foreign interference.

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The American representatives wanted to learn more about Michael Chung’s story and try to better prepare themselves to prevent a situation like this from happening in the United States.

Mr. Zhong was also the target of a disinformation campaign in 2021 on the WeChat platform.

The measures were taken because this elected official publicly criticized the issue of personality in China.

“I have taken several precautions. I have cut ties with my family in Hong Kong to ensure that they are somehow isolated from the work I do here. I know many other people have done the same. This is one of the consequences,” Mr Chung told a panel of the American Congress.

He added that the United States and Canada should work together to create a registry of foreign agents.

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