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(Djerba, Tunisia) François Legault wants to provide Quebec with a “plan” to double trade with France, which totals about $5 billion annually. “As we say in Quebec, it’s a peanut,” he told an audience of 500 guests.

The Prime Minister concluded his participation on the 18the Sommet de la Francophonie – his first assignment abroad since his re-election – by giving a speech at the opening of the Francophone Economic Forum, which begins on the Tunisian island of Djerba. A large delegation from the Quebec business community is also attending.

Mr. Legault spoke immediately after the President of Tunisia, Kais Said, and the Secretary General of the Francophone Community – just re-appointed – Louise Mushikiwabo.

We must be able to achieve results, companies in la Francophonie must talk to each other, do business together and we must improve our situation, all of us, together and at the same time, we will protect this beautiful language. [le français].

François Legault, Premier of Quebec

Mr. Legault outlined his thinking at a press conference. Exports from Quebec to France, we’re talking about a billion and a half a year. Like I said earlier, it’s a peanutAnd the Honestly. We should double that and maybe triple it.” France, on the other hand, exports three and a half billion a year to Quebec.

“What we need is to give ourselves a plan, to be able to identify sectors and companies and ensure that [Mouvement des entreprises de France] Works well with Conseil du patronat [du Québec] Mr. Legault added, without specifying a timetable. He announced that Quebec will also host the Rencontre des Entreprises francophones, which brings together business people from across the francophones, in 2023.

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“a little truth”

In January 2019, the Prime Minister gave the same speech during an official visit to Paris. Then he wanted to “double” the trade with France, which peaked at less than $5 billion in total for the two countries. He said at the time: “Nothing.”

We passed [depuis] From 1.5 to 1.7 billion. “There is a small part of the truth,” replied Mr. Legault on Sunday.

In 2019, we didn’t really give ourselves a horizon […]The epidemic certainly did not help, ”he defended himself. He explained that “Investment Quebec” had set targets and that certain sectors had increased their exports to France, without naming them.

François Legault gave the Economic Forum the example of Alstom – of which Caisse de Depot et placement du Québec is the largest shareholder – and Airbus, which employs “more French-speaking workers” than its competitors.

“We know that there are international rules, and that we need to compete, but we have to be able to multiply these examples […]Francophone countries need to do more together.

In front of the press, he mentioned Mr. Lego Buy American ActWhich enforces quotas of US content in the enforcement of contracts. “In our Canada-Europe agreement it is 25%. It may be in our interest, whether in law or agreement, to encourage each other when possible.” [plus] Between us “.

“I achieved the goals”

François Legault returns to Quebec Monday feeling he has “achieved the goals” of his first stint abroad. The Prime Minister stressed the “context” surrounding his Law 96 and the importance of “taking action” to curb the decline of the French language in Montreal.

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He also particularly appealed to mr.I Mushikiwabo expressed the need for francophone countries to unite to fund more production of French-language content on digital platforms.

Mr Legault was able to speak briefly with French President Emmanuel Macron in an informal dialogue on Saturday. On Sunday, he met the Tunisian president, whose regime is disputed. “I told him we had concerns about democracy,” he said.

After hesitating to take part in the summit, Legault’s government chose to “give the animosity a chance” by meeting with Mr. Said. On the other hand, Justin Trudeau, who maneuvered to postpone the summit again for political reasons, for his part, overstepped his turn.

The next Francophone Summit will be held in France in 2024.

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