Portugal: Cloud Walk

Portugal: Cloud Walk

The main attraction of the island of Madeira is undoubtedly “Pecos”. The peaks of Pico Do Arieiro and Pico Ruivo peak at 1818 and 1861 meters respectively and offer “cloud walks”. On the other hand, living in ideal conditions to admire them is not so simple as getting to them.

To get there, you have to carefully negotiate endless hairpin bends and play the clutch to ascend. Parking is available at the top. Well, not quite, it can overflow on steep kilometers of road…so tip, it’s best to arrive at least 45 minutes before sunrise.

For my part, I watched webcams for five days in order to notice the signs of clearance at heights. Pecos often remain in the clouds, even if the sun is shining elsewhere on the island. With highly variable weather, webcams are more useful than weather websites for real-time conditions. The day before my departure, Pecos had yet to appear on the scene. However, a sighting window was announced last morning. Walking on top, I have more than just a clear sky, I have two feet above the clouds!

Device : Canon EOS R6

Goal : RF 24-105mm STM

exposure : 1/1000 sec at F/8

ISO: 160

The author was invited by TAP Air Portugal and Adventure Lands.

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