More than 45,000 galaxies are visible in this image

More than 45,000 galaxies are visible in this image

Over 45,000 galaxies…in one picture! A big hit has been the US Space Agency’s new Universe Telescope, which recently released the snapshot, according to US Business Insider.

Thanks to a single image obtained by the James Webb Telescope (JWST), and provided by NASA on June 5, 2023, we can go back in time, 13.2 billion years ago.

The image becomes even more impressive when you know that it represents only a small part of the sky, about one-fifth the diameter of the full moon.

The image was acquired as part of one of James Webb’s major science programs, JADES (for the “Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey JWST”). This program should make it possible to study the early stages of galaxy formation, on the basis of 800 hours of observation.[email protected]

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