Camon and the Portuguese fall, and Aile won

Camon and the Portuguese fall, and Aile won

After several weeks of hiatus, the regional leagues resumed their rights according to the late matches to be played. At the first level, the American Camon confirmed his impermanence. In Regional 2, the Portuguese lost again against a direct competitor.

Kamon still couldn’t do it

Far from his pre-season ambitions, the American Camon once again suffered defeat – for the fifth time this season – this Sunday against Chaumont en Vexin, now a direct maintenance contender. However, it all started well for the yellow and black with Oualit’s quick opening result from a deft free kick. An advantage that did not last long, as the visitors equalized through Sabu (1-1, 32 degrees). On his return from the locker room, Chaumont certainly took a controversial but ultimately fatal advantage for Camonois (1-2, 49′).


Day 8 of Regional 1 (late game)

Lucien Jovelin Stadium, Camon

Referee: Mr. Tripani

Target: Oualit (4′)

Camon: Chivé – Bihondi, Ngosso, Delgove, Kondo – Leclercq, Ducrocq, Carré – De Sousa de Almedia – Mercier, Oualit

Entering the game: Sissoko, Doukuri, Ramla

The Portuguese reduced points value

It’s the bad deal of the day. In good shape before the winter break, the Portuguese Amiens started the year 2023 with a defeat against SC Abbeville, a direct competitor who returned to one point in favor of this precious victory. Quickly lead to the result, after a wonderful strike from Pauline (0-1, 12 ′), the Portuguese got back into the game thanks to Isambart (1-1, 35 ′), concluding a great teamwork, a little after a long time with a goal ruled out for offside in da Vega. While the balance of power seemed to shift in their favour, the locals trapped a long ball leaving Dupont alone against Gningue (1-2, 50′). And even if Da Veiga had the chance to tie (84), the biggest favorite in the tournament thus conceded its second defeat of the season.

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Amiens PORT – SC ABBEVILLE: 1-2 (1-1)

Day 8 of Regional 2 (late game)

Molonget Stadium, Amiens

Referee: Mr Ludwicky

Goals: Isambart (35) for Amiens. Pauline (12′), Dupont (50′) for Abbeville

Portuguese Amiens: Gningue – Idez, Seguenebou, Ameur, Siradjidini – Facquier, Cupelle – Da Veiga, Despois, Isambart – Poidevin (Renold, 79′)

Coach: Benoit Storbois


Day 8 of Regional 2 (late game)

Stade Nicolas Coupe, Aile-sur-Somme

Target: Testelin

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