Mobile neuropsychology services to address labor shortages

Mobile neuropsychology services to address labor shortages

A Quebec company provides ambulatory neuropsychology services in various regions to address labor shortages.

Founded in March 2020, CASEN is the first clinic to provide outpatient services in neuropsychology, which is the study of the relationship between the brain and human behavior.

Neuropsychologists, speech therapists and psychologists, whose roles are to address the needs and inaccessibility of care in certain settings.

On site, specialists will conduct consultations, assessments, diagnoses, and intervention plans to help those in need.

Their mission is to promote public order and improve access to assessment services. “Our goal is to unblock the system currently. Young people need a diagnosis to direct services. We are coming to make up for this lack of manpower,” commented neuropsychologist Marie-Pierre Tremblay.

CASEN travels to areas particularly hard hit by labor shortages. “There is a gap that needs to be filled, there are people in need, and we are here for that,” Ms. Tremblay concludes.

The company’s team consists of 22 neuropsychologists and 12 speech therapists.

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