The new Sims 4 update adds accidentally incest

The free update for The Sims 4 released on July 26 by Electronic Arts inadvertently added the feature of having romantic relationships with one’s family.

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This week, there is an update that fans of the iconic life simulation game The Sims 4 have been eagerly awaiting. This update will add its share of surprises to the game.

In patch 1.90 updates we can find curved walls, body hair, new desires, fears and sexual orientations. Unfortunately, the latter was not liked by the players.

In fact, this little novelty was talked about a lot and was reported very quickly on Twitter and Reddit. Right after the update, players reported that some Sims had a tendency to go to other Sims in their families. Several cases were quickly detected. A player reportedly shared a screenshot showing an older woman wanting to start a love affair with her son. Another allegedly reported to EA, telling them that a Sims wanted to ask his sister to be his girlfriend, or even that the girl wanted to date her dad. Chilling and unnatural situations in an adventure like Sims.

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Where does the error come from?

For some players and people creating game mods, the problem may come from the “Wants and Fears” system in The Sims 2 adding concerns that Sims can have especially during adolescence with the new extension package “The Sims High School Years” . Especially this system will allow Sims to fulfill more desires related to their character, for example. However, an error in the system in question creates desires that involve romantic relationships with anyone, including members of his family.

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The game developer is said to have confirmed that they are aware of the issue and will be looking for a solution as soon as possible:

I just wanted to tell you that “wanting to date” a family member is something we know, we’ve replicated, and we’re working on it. Looking forward to fixing it ASAP, thanks for all the bug reports, we appreciate it. Of course, we are also working on the problem of aging.

The aging bug is not actually a desirable fad. In fact, some players had noticed that their Sims were aging very quickly and transforming from a kid to an old person in a matter of minutes. An issue that the team knows that will be resolved later.

This problem will affect the lifestyle where Sims have a long or short life expectancy. The best options in the meantime are to switch to normal mode or disable aging so the error can be fixed.

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