Madogo invites us to reflect on the teachings of Messi and Ronaldo – Matin Libre

Madogo invites us to reflect on the teachings of Messi and Ronaldo – Matin Libre

They are undoubtedly the best footballers of this century. Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine Lionel Messi continue to ignite emotions with every appearance on the green rectangle, or when one of them obtains distinction. But instead of getting embroiled in squabbles over who is better than who, Rekia Madugo is calling on his fellow Amazonians to learn lessons from their football. For the opponent in prison, Ronaldo’s determination and recklessness, and Messi’s eloquence and technique, should serve as a model of success for all, whatever the circumstances we are experiencing.

Here are the thoughts she shares with us about these two footballing giants, from the place of her captivity.

The historical teachings of Messi and Ronaldo

Dear Amazonians, what success or life lessons have I learned from each of you?

Oh, what a resounding moment envelops these constricting walls! Freedom bound but devoid of soul, happiest, with a panting heart, with memories of two stars of round skin: the man recognizable by his Adam’s apple and his rival by his elegant game.

You guessed it, I’m thinking of Ronaldo and Messi.

Strange, isn’t it? It is in these places of torture that our thoughts travel. Yes, a bound body is not synonymous with a bound heart.

I sometimes think of football when the collective cheers of my male colleagues come from their buildings. Fortunately, they have the privilege of having their rights to information and entertainment respected. This allows them to access audio-visual media and broadcast matches.

With every “Owééé owé owé owé, ooowéé ooowéé” they babbled in their raspy voices, in my inexplicable isolation, I let my imagination run free. Depending on the shouting, I build my film of the match by imagining either an unfairly awarded penalty kick or the acceleration of a football player that rivals for a few seconds the record of the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt.

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Sometimes I doubt whether the ball has landed perfectly in the opponent’s goal. I also sometimes feel an unforgivable failure when “chips”, melodies and other unpleasant screams reach my eardrums. I say to myself at that moment that they are shouting at a poor goalkeeper through whom misfortune has visited the team they support.

Oh, the guys should explain to themselves how the “fool” did not use his privilege of being able to use all parts of the body in the penalty area to confront the opponent, unlike field players.

Ah, men know how to work magic in the art of playing football from their bed. Passing, dribbling, footwork, headers, free kicks, red cards, VAR… it’s all right.

In fact, our emotions, whether expressed through football, the tennis I especially love and practiced, or other arts, transcend thick barriers and make obstacles invisible. They provide adventures where walls come crashing down, revealing unexplored arenas. In this regard, the defeats suffered by our national team, which he told me about, raise questions in me.

Let’s return to our topic for today. The two giants, who were once masters of the winds and tides of football – Messi and Ronaldo – have calmed their breaths and are sleeping under the silk veil of collective memory. The Camp Nou and Bernabeu areas, once the scene of their prowess, whisper a disturbing question to us, ardent football students: What have they left for us?

For years, these two footballing giants have broken the glass ceiling by going beyond the simple fabric of their shirts, rooting their art in the spirit of admiring humanity. Their steps are lessons; Every goal, a lyric that resonates in the eternity of hearts. Their pathos, though tinged with gloom, heralds a new generation. But not only that!

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Their legacy, etched far beyond the region’s borders, remains timeless.

Ronaldo’s reckless determination, and his ability to turn every failure into a stepping stone to the summit, suggests that what is unfolding is merely a prelude to the victories to come. Messi, through his fierce intelligence and captivating control of the ball, whispers to us that eloquence can lie in the silent art of excellence, far from the clamor of ostentation. I invite you to reflect on these two success lessons that these sacred giants have taught us.

Dear amateurs, I hope that the enthusiasm and love for the beautiful game continues, because football is not a matter of names as much as it is unforgettable moments, forever engraved in the sanctuary of our hearts.

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