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3 historical figures worthy of an epic biography?

Lots of “smarts” in this question! Jeanne de Belleville, who was the Duchess of Brittany in the 14th century, is very wealthy. Her husband was somehow unfairly executed by the King of France, and there she becomes completely enraged, takes back her husband’s head, liquidates his capital, builds a boat, and decides to avenge her husband. She was called the “bloody lioness”.

There is also Hildegund Joseph, a person who was born to a woman at the beginning of the Middle Ages, and a man used to follow his father to the Holy Land under the name “Joseph”. In the end, he or she becomes a semi-secret agent, passing messages between Cologne and Rome, receiving orders and becoming a monk until the end of his or her life. This is one of the many examples of transgender saints.

The third is Tarrare, a character between the Marvel villain and the mythical creature [qui a vécu au XVIIIe siècle, ndlr]. He’s a guy who must have been 26 when he died and could have swallowed a lot of food! Kilograms of raw ox organs, live animals, wood, glass … He was constantly hungry. It was actually a hit. It smells so bad and it was stupid too! We tried to use him as an undercover agent to relay messages in his stomach, but he got caught. We also tried to treat him with vinegar or eggs, except that he went to eat the organs of the hospitals, even the organs of the children! He disappeared for a while and then reappeared in Versailles, where he died of tuberculosis. He’s really my favorite character.

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