Mac Lesggy explains how AI is able to detect it so effectively

Mac Lesggy explains how AI is able to detect it so effectively

I told you a week ago that the first gift to science in 2023 was genetic scissors, and I promised you a second gift. The second gift also brings innovation and progress to humanity, in all fields, which is artificial intelligence! Did you know that she is celebrating her 80th birthday this year?

Artificial intelligence, that It begins with the work of American neurologist Warren McCulloch and psychologist Walter Bates. Seeking to understand how neurons in the brain function, in 1943 they described what would be a “logical calculator of ideas generated by neural activity” based on logical agents called “artificial neurons.”

This is the beginning of the work on artificial intelligence that mathematicians Alan Turing and John von Neumann would consider in the 1950s.

What is artificial intelligence?

These are algorithms, computer programs that allow computers to think intelligently, like humans, and advance, Self-learning to solve a specific task and thus solve increasingly complex problems. Today, it is everywhere, and it will invade our lives in all areas!

For better or worse? As always, there are probably both, but I will give a very concrete example. I receive a radiologist who specializes in breast cancer detection in a Parisian hospital, meaning he performs and examines mammograms. It takes a trained eye to spot small tumors, because as you know, the earlier they are detected, the better the prognosis for recovery. So this radiologist is working in collaboration with an American laboratory that has trained artificial intelligence to recognize malignant tumors in mammograms. Image analysis is one of the specialties of artificial intelligence.

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AI is more effective than two radiologists combined

Artificial intelligence performs the same role as a radiologist. I remind you that artificial intelligence is able to improve on its own and today is on par and often even better than it! A very recent Swedish study suggests that its performance would be 4% higher than that of read-reread analysis performed by two radiologists. It is well established everywhere that the analysis performed by artificial intelligence and radiologists allows better detection, eliminating “false positives”. So this is a first step forward.

And what is even more surprising, Today's artificial intelligence makes it possible to read, from a mammogram, where everything is normal, whether a breast is at risk for breast cancer or not. This, with an accuracy of 88%, was published in the journal Nature last year. There are thousands of mammograms of women without tumors and those with tumors. By comparing these images, The AI ​​has learned, on its own, to detect signs, breast size, shape, density, and warning signs of tumors.

Do you realize progress? These women, subject to regular monitoring, can be treated as soon as the tumor appears. I remember that Breast cancer causes 12,000 victims annually. So progress for health! AI will enable the growth of predictive medicine, including the prevention of cancer, heart disease and diabetes!

With the same self-learning capabilities, artificial intelligence prepares more accurate weather forecasts than traditional models. Identifies tax fraud by analyzing tax returns, helps you avoid traffic jams in routing apps and will drive cars for us soon. I personally can't wait to see this! Not you ? Have a good Sunday and Happy New Year everyone!

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