Locate your Bluetooth devices with this Android app

Locate your Bluetooth devices with this Android app

Posted on April 11, 2024

Vincent Paquette

Google has improved its app: Find My Device. So far this Android app has made it possible to find your lost or misplaced phone. From now on, it also allows locating our Bluetooth devices such as headphones, watch or compatible trackers. Not to mention, it can locate some mobile devices that are turned off.

As technological devices become more prevalent in our lives, the risk of losing or misplacing them increases logically.

There are some devices that can be lost more easily than others…

We can easily misplace our phone if we are distracted. Or we can start looking for our little Bluetooth headphones without knowing if we put them in our bag, in our coat, or if we left them at work, for example!

If we have an Android phone, Google intends to make it easier to find lost devices.

How can I locate my cell phone and devices for free?

Mobile application developed by Google: Find my device It is an app that everyone with an Android device should download.


Because this application allows you to find your Android phone if it is lost or stolen.

Once we link it to our Google account, we can locate our phone from any other phones, tablets or computers.

But the application goes further than that. Google has improved it by allowing more devices to be located.

Look for headphones, watches, tablets, and trackers

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The application also allows you to locate a variety of Bluetooth devices compatible with the application and linked to our smartphone.

It can be headphones, headsets, tablets or our smart watch for example.

From May 2024, we will also be able to find Bluetooth trackers such as Chipolo trackers.

From the application we find all the devices that we can locate.

By clicking on each of them, you can find out its location according to the last connection.

Depending on the type of device, you can also make it ring to make it easier to find.

Locate your Bluetooth devices using the Find My Device app
Find My Device lets you find several types of devices. Photo: francoischarron.com

If we have Nest home automation devices like Nest Hub, Nest Audio or Nest Doorbell for example, they allow us to more accurately locate the device we lost in the house.

Finally, Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro owners can locate their device even if it's locked or the battery is dead.

These are all the more reasons to download the app, because it's more versatile for finding all kinds of misplaced objects!


Find my device

The application is on the Google Play Store

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