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After the fires, heavy rain. While the Serra da Estrela Natural Park lost 25% of its plants last month under fire, the country is now under water.

The rain that put out the fire fell on the area

The center of the country has been the victim of landslides, fallen trees and floods since Monday, particularly in the Serra da Estrela mountain range, a UNESCO-designated Natural Geospatial Park, and in the city of Mantegas. The rain washed away tree trunks, ash and the remains of fires copious,”Damage to sidewalks, bridge poles, street lights, roofs and businessesAccording to the mayor of Mantegas, Flavio Massano. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

A historic ruling was issued today

In addition, Portugal is also awaiting the verdict in the trial of the most serious fire in the country, which was caused by several negligence in 2017 in Pedrogao Grande, 200 kilometers from Lisbon. 11 people charged with manslaughter: fire chief, Employees of an electricity supplier, a road manager, and several local elected officials today are on the sidewalks. They all face at least five years in prison, The fire killed 63 people, injured 44, and destroyed 24,000 hectares In five days. They are accused of their late or ineffective reaction to the fire announcement.

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