Leg stuck under rock: Hiker rescued after seven hours of suffering

Leg stuck under rock: Hiker rescued after seven hours of suffering

A hiker whose legs were stuck under a large rock in a rugged area in California’s Inyo Mountains was rescued after seven hours, after a delicate operation with limited resources.

“A search and rescue (SAR) team arrived at the hiker after dark and found him in severe pain and with his left leg trapped under a large rock on a steep hill. Team members estimated the rock weighed between 6,000 and 10,000 pounds, the Inyo County Volunteer Association said.” Search and Rescue” on Facebook on Friday.

The association was called last Tuesday afternoon to rescue the man who remained stuck in his legs and suffering from excruciating pain on a rugged slope in the Inyo Mountains in California.

The hiker reportedly spent more than seven hours in the painful position before he was released after midnight.

With the help of a system of ropes, pulleys and winches, the team was able to move the rock enough to free the hiker and stabilize his injuries, the nonprofit said in its post.

She added in writing: “Given the severity of the hiker’s injuries and the difficulty of the terrain, it was decided to extract him despite the darkness using a helicopter from the US Naval Air Station in Lemoore.”

Global News reported on Monday that so far there has been no update on his health condition.

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