Kings on the right track?

Kings on the right track?

number of kings She was already in a state of deterioration since the mid-1990s and reached its lowest level in 2013, according to censuses World Wildlife Fund. They then experienced ups and downs in Mexico, reaching 2.8 hectares in their winter quarters in 2021, versus 2.2 hectares in 2020 – largely in the United States. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

These are the inhabitants of the “eastern” kings, most abundantwhich makes a migration of several thousand kilometers each from northeastern America to Mexico – which makes the journey in the other direction every spring.

However, conservation and awareness efforts over the past 20 years seem to have paid off. From Mexico to Quebec, millions of people Now I know milkweed plants (in English, milkweed) be Necessities King’s life cycle. This plant, which suffered the effects of urban growth, deforestation and pesticides in the 20th century, is making a comeback in several places on the continent.

We’re still a long way from the 18 hectares covered in Mexico in 1996: entomologists estimate that the number of oriental kings has fallen by 70% since that time. As for the Western Monarch residents, who are wintering in California, they will have them on their side down 95% Since the 1980s, it has also shown some positive signs over the past two years, but it is still very fragile.

Photo: Carlos Gottfried/Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

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