Audio notation. Science VI, Episode 80: A Better Life with Robots

Audio notation.  Science VI, Episode 80: A Better Life with Robots

Tomorrow, no doubt you’ll be speaking into the robot’s ear! In the eightieth episode, this is the sixteenth episode science podcast Science and the future And 20 minutes, It tells you how robotics researchers are working to improve interactions between robots and humans.

Robots that challenge

At the microphone, Arnaud Devillard, journalist specializing in high-tech issues at Science and the future Reply to Roman Clomis from 20 minutes. Together, they bring you the latest arrivals on Planet Robot. Like Ameca, one of the Android devices presented at the recent CES 2022, the largest US high-tech show. Equipped with a specially movable head covered in faux leather, this blinks, smiles, amazed, defies… Otherwise an Eva, a blue-headed humanoid capable of taking on the same expressions as the person facing her.

Pay attention to the person’s appearance

But beware of making bots that look too similar as well, which could actually backfire, several researchers interviewed by Arnaud Dellard warned. According to a Finnish study, for the same decision a machine makes, the more a human looks, the more immoral its choice! Lack of confidence also in the feminization of machines. In May 2019, a UNESCO report recommended instead developing neutral interfaces that would immediately warn the user that they are “only” machines…

While waiting to share your daily life with a bot, take the time to fully explore the topic of a case Science and the future dated April 2022 or on our website. You can also dive into the Sixth Science archives, or subscribe to them for free, here Apple Podcast.

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