Journalist filming crossing a fire in the middle of the highway

Journalist filming crossing a fire in the middle of the highway

A Portuguese journalist filmed a fire in his car on Wednesday evening

Colossal pillars of fire, sweltering heat and lack of vision: A Portuguese journalist photographed and commented on his Wednesday night crossing of a violent fire while driving on the country’s main highway, in the grip of a heat wave and wildfires.

“I did not expect this situation,” Rui Tocayana, a Portuguese TSF radio reporter, breathes at the wheel of his car while filming with his phone a journey of about two kilometers on the A1 motorway, near Aveiro (north).

On both sides of the path, plants devour a fierce night fire, still active on Thursday afternoon and fought by nearly 400 firefighters.

13,500 hectares burned in Portugal

Between crackling flames several meters high and the formation of a fire tunnel, the journalist describes a “dangerous” scenario, explaining that he decided to close his car windows because they were “too hot”, or that she did not see “nothing”. Because of the smoke from the fire.

Finally, he managed to bypass the fire and sigh of relief as he approached the exit that would allow him to reach Aveiro from Porto (north). A few minutes after it passes, traffic will pause on this part of the A1 motorway.

hit For a week due to the heat wave, which in the meantime reached other Western European countriesPortugal recorded temperatures above 40°C in many areas, and even exceeding 45°C in some places. Last week’s fires, fueled by scorching temperatures, killed one person, injured about sixty, evacuated 860 people, and destroyed or damaged about sixty homes.

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According to data from the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), the largest fires have engulfed an area of ​​about 13,500 hectares in Portugal in recent days.

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