India, by Telmo Churro, in post-production

India, by Telmo Churro, in post-production

This first feature film by a Portuguese director, produced by O Som ea Fúria, has been voted Best Film at the Catapulta Cine – Primer Corte Awards, intended for projects already filmed but not completed

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Telmo Churro2013 short film director useless riHe is developing his first feature film, India. The project, produced by O Som ea Fúria, is now in post-production.

Text written by Telmo Churro and Mariana Ricardotells the story of Thiago (Pedro Ines), a tour guide with a heartache. The hero lives with his father, Raul (Jose Manuel Mendes) and his son manual (Joao Carvalho). Raúl is a nostalgic old sailor haunted by historical defeats, while a teenage Miguel dreams, in his own bubble, of a lonely thrilling journey into the cosmos. Tiago, as a tour guide, leads Karen (Dennis Fraga) on a journey through Lisbon for strange suicidal heroes. Karen, a sad, sad Brazilian tourist, has a mailbox where she deposits letters to her late husband about tales of a happy life in the past. Joining Thiago and Karen, Raul embarks on a journey through dreams, lost glories, and disaster, in search of a hero long lost on an island in the South Atlantic. Actors include Pedro Ines, Denis Fraga, Jose Manuel Mendes, Joao Carvalho, Lydia FrancoAnd Maria Joao PinhoAnd Teresa Madruga And Maria Emilia Correa.

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Filmed on 16mm in Lisbon, and produced by Luis Urbano And Sandro Aguilarthe movie was Mario Castanheira As director of photography, Pedro Felipe Marquez as editor and Mafalda Alexo Responsible for color classification. Audio and mixing were directed by Miguel Martins. India It won the Best Film award Catapolta Cinema Primer Corte Prizes ($5,000) at Vikunam. The film received financial support from the ICA, with the participation of RTP and with the support of the Lisbon Municipality / Lisbon Film Commission. Currently in post-production, India It is scheduled to premiere in national theaters in 2022.

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