The Callisto Protocol aims to please horror fans

Those who are eagerly waiting for the new survival horror game are considering the upcoming arrival of The Callisto Protocol, in which the player will have to make his way through the prison in the year 2320.

Featured Image: Striking Distance Studio

A new game trailer has been revealed when Gamescon opens, to impress you with the game’s December 2 release (on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S series.)

We embody Jacob Lee, trapped in a Black Iron prison, on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. Prisoners become mutants who attack other humans as soon as they see them.

Lee must survive in this not at all friendly environment, while discovering the reason behind these mutations.

When we look at this new video of the game, we realize that the atmosphere is very bleak in prison. Mutants can be attacked in close combat or from a distance, depending on the means at our disposal. Infiltration appears to be an essential survival asset.

Speaking of which, in the end, we see one of the ways one can die in the Callisto Protocol and… let’s just say it’s ruthless and no doubt there are many bloody ways to fail!

Basically, this new game will be a logical successor to Dead Space that can satisfy the nostalgia of this franchise!

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