In Quimper, 250 Year 9 students are invited to Chaptal High School for the Science Festival – Quimper

As part of a science festival, Chaptal High School in Quimper opened its third-grade science labs this week. Since Monday, December 12, nearly 250 undergraduate students from eight Quimper District colleges have been welcomed by teachers from Chaptal High School Under the supervision of Michel Robert, Deputy Director of the Foundation, with the assistance of the entire teaching team in the sector.

Under the supervision of 1st and 12th grade Science and Technology Laboratory (STL) students as well as BTS Bioquality students, the college students were instructed to perform manipulations in food analysis, biological analysis, and chemical analyses, much like our high school students.

Immersion with students from the sector

Thus, they were able to learn about scientific practice in the form of riddles. How do we determine the origin of poisoning from a suspected food? What analyzes and how to conduct them to effectively treat people with this poisoning? How is it possible to determine the presence of maliciously introduced alcohol in food?

High School Principal Carl Tange commented, Wednesday 14 December, “The inclusion of these middle school students in practical work sessions led by high school students was particularly appreciated. This allowed for many exchanges around the STL sector providing education General, scholarly and practical, highly valued in higher education.”

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