“Frustrated” at OM, his boss refused his request

“Frustrated” at OM, his boss refused his request

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“Frustrated” at OM, his boss refused his request

Posted on Mar 10, 2023 at 8:00 pm.

Alexis Sanchez has been rated No. 9 since the start of the season and would love to drop back a bit to thrive more on the pitch. While Vitinha joined OM this winter, the Chilean international was hoping Igor Tudor would accede to his request. When asked Friday at a press conference, the OM coach explained why he had yet to coordinate with Alexis Sanchez and Vitinha at the start.

Since the start of the season, Alexis Sanchez has been ranked as No. 9 by Igor Tudor. A position that does not really suit him, as he is the one who prefers to develop in support behind a manipulative striker. while theO.M recruits Vitinha During the last winter transfer window, Alexis Sanchez imagined finding his preferred role and living with the Portuguese striker up front. however, Igor Tudor I decided otherwise. Vitinha Lack of playing time, and the Chilean was left alone in the lead.

Alexis Sanchez is frustrated because he is No. 9

When asked about his situation lately, Alexis Sanchez Admit that this situation does not suit him: “I get frustrated sometimes, and I would like to have more balls, but I try to do what they want from me. It’s a fairly new position, although I played 9 at Barcelona, ​​but that was a long time ago and with players with great technical ability.” “I want to be useful, I want victory all the time. Even in training I want to impose myself.”

“I choose the solution that allows us to win more easily”

Present at a press conference on Friday afternoon, Igor Tudor Talk about a double issue Alexis SanchezVitinha. And the coach of theO.M He dropped all of his facts, making it clear that he doesn’t plan to change his plans anytime soon: “There’s only one reason, and that’s because I chose the one that I think makes it easier for us to win. It’s also my obvious choice, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best, or I’m right. Maybe if we play with these two forwards, we’ll also win games in the same way. Maybe it will be It’s easier, or maybe not. But I, there’s a lot of things I keep in mind. I think about attack and defense and balance and each other’s qualities. What you ask me about, I think about every day, what’s the best solution for the team to be successful. I think about it every day, It’s been months. I notice the players in training, I see each other’s progress, the team’s needs. There are times when I can guess and sometimes I can be wrong too.”

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