Elden Ring and third-party games on Xbox Game Pass: A bug according to Microsoft | Xbox One

Yesterday, the Klobrille Twitter account threw a little bombshell: What if games weren’t included in a catalog Xbox Game Pass Playable via Xbox Cloud Games ? Anyway, that’s what a series of screenshots from the official Xbox website suggested. But that wouldn’t be relevant…

Flaw or strategy?

If you are browsing the pages of the official Xbox website, you may have come across mentions like some of the headlines Call of Duty: VanguardAnd the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or praise elden ring It will be playable via the cloud. After all, no wonder: a free game fortnite He had received the same treatment a few months earlier.

On his Twitter account, Klobrille had a transfer clips It shows that it will soon be possible to do the same for these headlines, provided they are owned and shared for the first time at the final level of subscription. Xbox Game Pass. A Microsoft spokesperson immediately responded with our colleagues at Eurogamer with raining hope :

We’re aware of an error that incorrectly rendered some titles available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. We’ve posted a fix and it’s now updated.

The explanation is brief and not very detailed, but it can be checked: Redirect link to the game It has been updated and no longer directs you to the previous day’s page. Inevitably, without getting caught up in hasty speculation, such a mistake seems raw for a company like Microsoft. However, it is still reasonable. While some Exclusive information Expected at the upcoming Gamescom, can we hope to see this feature again on stage?

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