“I’m glad to leave on this good note.”

“I’m glad to leave on this good note.”

Among the pillars of Benoît Sturbois for several seasons, first with the reserve team of AC Amiens and then for three seasons with the Portuguese Amiens, Antoine Wable will take off and leave the Somme. If he realizes a small heart problem, the defender is above all proud of the progress that has been made in seven years. interview.

Antoine, what conclusions did you draw from this last match with this defeat against Nogent?

It ended on a bad note, but we still had a good first half. The goal was really to win, even if we played comfortably, to celebrate. We worked hard all season, with the group, the players and the coaching staff. We deserved to be able to relax a bit at the end. Now the club will be able to think about the next season. He will not be with me, I will leave the club for professional reasons. Anyway, it was a great adventure for three years. I would like to congratulate the club on its rise, especially the coach (note: Benoit Storbois) who had a great season.

It is in particular (note: the coach) that deserves all the praise.

He’s been on our backs all season, but it’s for our own good, so we can work. It is he in particular who deserves all the praise. We have been placed in wonderful conditions to reap the fruits of our labour. We must also salute the work of a full training group with a reserve team that finished second in a tough tournament and reached the final of the Somme Cup. It was really an interesting season and I’m happy to be leaving such a great season.

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Isn’t it a little frustrating not to continue with the adventure?

There is a little bitter aftertaste. I’ve been with Ben for seven years and some guys, it must be heartbreaking. Now we finish well, I wish them luck next season. I have no choice but to quit, because I have found a job in Oise, near Senlis. I’m originally from Oise so I’m going home. I’ve been at this job for a month and a half, working my way up to finish the season and keep my commitment, whether I’m anyway as a player with the seniors or as an educator with the under-15s playing regional climbs next weekend. We will try to finish well till the end. And if life takes me back to Amiens, I will be the first to knock on the door.

In the meantime, the idea is to keep playing by finding a club in the Oise?

I’ll be able to keep playing, so I’ll start watching. I really wanted to finish my adventure with the Portuguese, before I set myself against the rest.

To return to the Portuguese, you were able to take your position all season. Should be proud…

The tournament was very difficult. We see that three or four teams were still playing promotion in the last game. Nogent who was still playing his maintenance in this last game would finish just six points off the climb. We didn’t want to worry about any preferred position, Benot knew how to keep us focused on our goal week after week. Aside from the end of the season, we’ve never done two offenses in a row, we’ve finished with the best offense and second best offense in the tournament. We can say that we did the job. It might have been expected for some, but we got nothing.

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Can we say that the hardest part is the beginning of the Portuguese?

When we see all the offspring, fixing the leagues, we know it’s going to get harder and harder. After that, there is still a great group, a great team and the team will start to get quality. I have confidence in this group who have the level and ability to do well in Regional 1.

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Podevin and Ribeiro also sailed

In addition to Antoine Wabel, two players have also formalized their departure from Portuguese Amiens. This is the case of versatility Alexandre Ribeiro de Almeidacapable of serving in defense or in midfield, but also as an attacker Camille Podevin. The latter claims to leave the club for personal reasons, knowing that his playing time was expected to be limited in District One. Michael Desbois He will think about his future. In the direction of the arrivals, the promoter must formalize his first reinforcements in the coming days, provided that there are no movements within the technical staff.

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