What does Cristiano Ronaldo play?

What does Cristiano Ronaldo play?
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What happens to Cristiano Ronaldo? This is the question many football fans are asking themselves today. In recent months, the Portuguese star has been talked about more frequently for her horror or bloodlust than for her incredible talent. Talent, in addition to his huge and accurate work, made him one of the best players in world football for years. For many, CR7 is the best footballer in history ahead of his eternal rival, Lionel Messi. The discussion is still open, although some closed it after the Argentine victory in the last World Cup. But that’s another topic.

Several misdemeanors in MU

Incredibly impressive and effective, Cristiano Ronaldo is still 38 years old. However, it is logical that it is less than before. Nothing abnormal. However, what is his position. Some appreciate his determination, competitive personality, great self-confidence, or even his exceptional qualities. Others criticize his personality, individualism or selfishness. Finally, the Lusitan international has never been so unanimous. It’s a matter of taste. On the other hand, his behavior in recent months makes many people agree. It all started really early in the season when the former Real Madrid player missed training at Manchester United.

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CR7 misses the Summer Tour due to a family issue, which causes an uproar. Some accused him of missing the pre-season because he wanted a change of scenery. At this specific point, it is true. Cristiano Ronaldo aggressively sought to leave United last summer. But Jorge Mendes did not find him a satisfactory base, despite discussions with Chelsea. On the one hand, it is impossible to accuse the player, who later admitted that his granddaughter had some minor health problems. Returning to the Mancunian team, the Portuguese, who was kept by Eric ten Hag, committed his first misconduct. It was July 31st in a friendly match against Rayo Vallecano.

An extensive interview with Piers Morgan

CR7 returned to the locker room before the end of the match. which was not to his coach’s taste. Going from holder to substitute in a few weeks, the 85-born player notoriously suffered demotion and ten Hag treatment. The Dutchman also had some run-ins with the Portuguese, who was penalized for coming into the dressing room before the end of the match against Tottenham on October 19. This time, Ten Hag decided to take drastic measures. “After the friendly match against Rayo Vallecano, I told him it was unacceptable. But it wasn’t just him. This is the second time, there are consequences. He’s out tomorrow (against Chelsea). It’s a deficiency for the team but important for the behavior and mentality of the group.

Manchester United announced his dismissal. Sent with the under-21 team, he has trained on his own with the physical trainers. After a discussion with his coach, he found the group and then tied up the work intervals. But CR7 again decided to do as he pleased. In fact, he did a powerful interview with Piers Morgan right after the last match before the World Cup-related truce. What Jorge Mendes advised him not to do. But the attacker wanted to empty his bag while settling scores. His remarks were not appreciated by MU, who announced the termination of his contract a few days later. Released, Cristiano Ronaldo expected to find a smile in the Portuguese selection and win the World Cup.

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CR7 differed with relatives

Pregnant at first, he gradually lost his place. He even fell out with then-coach Fernando Santos, with whom he was close. Same with his historical agent Jorge Mendes. Cristiano Ronaldo would have criticized him for not being able to find a club last summer. Little by little, the businessman set aside to entrust his interests to Riccardo Regoff, who became his personal manager. And it is the latter who also completed his transfer to Al-Nassr this winter. Presentation originally submitted by Mendes. We have known more sophistication. Anyway, CR7 flew to Saudi Arabia with the desire to win titles but also to allow Saudi football to take a step forward and shine in the world.

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This has been the case since the arrival of CR7 had an XXL impact on TV rights, tickets, merchandising or even Saudi Arabia’s image. A brilliant blow for the victory that pays him generously (500 million euros for two and a half years). Although the Portuguese was decisive (11 goals, 2 assists in 12 matches), we are mainly talking about his behavior now. Since its arrival, the CR7 has launched Cable several times. On March 9, he kicked a bottle when he left the field after losing to Al-Ittihad. Nine days later, he kicked a ball hard that sent it into the air because the referee whistled for the first half as his team played a counter-attack.

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Cable Statues and Scandal

On April 10, he verbally dealt with a player in Al-Fayhaa Club, accusing him of procrastinating. “You don’t want to play”He snapped before signaling him to shut his mouth. This week, a new misconduct by Najm Al-Nasr, who was also going to demand the departure of Rudi Garcia because he was dissatisfied with the results and the match shown. This time, CR7 grabbed the Al-Hilal player by the neck in an aerial duel, before sending him to the ground. A violent and incomprehensible gesture. Then he shocked many people in Saudi Arabia by touching his genitals in response to Al Hilal fans who shouted: “Messi Messi!“.

This is controversial, although Al-Nasr made it clear that he touched this area due to a slight injury to the thigh. This version did not convince everyone. like He indicated that an expulsion campaign will be implemented in the country, led by lawyer Nouf bin Ahmed. The latter wants to launch and petition the Kingdom’s Prosecutor for the expulsion of CR7. In Saudi Arabia, this gesture is considered a “crime” if proven. Even more during the blessed Ramadan period. Amidst the controversy, Cristiano Ronaldo takes a worrying stance. his condition questions. Are these minor mood swings like the other players, or is he doing it to leave victory?

Touching a football player and a man

It’s hard to imagine that being the case, which arrived on December 30th. But it is true that his behavior was not exemplary when he was pushed to leave Manchester United a few months ago. He used the same strategy by making himself hated in the eyes of his club. All this hurt his image and somewhat tarnished the end of his crazy career. Even if, of course, we will mainly remember his great moments on the football field. And for some, the explanation for the sudden change in his behavior and the fact that he even isolated himself from loved ones like Mendes, is related to the deep wound he suffered on April 18, 2022, losing at the birth of one of the twins. was expecting.

During his interview with Piers Morgan, the 38-year-old made a touching confession. This is probably the worst moment in my life since the death of my father. When you have a baby, you expect everything to be normal, and when you have a problem, it’s hard. Gio (his companion, Georgina Rodriguez, editor’s note) and I had a rough time. It was very, very difficult to understand what was going on at that time in my life.” It definitely changes the guy. And Cristiano Ronaldo is no different from the others.

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