Hurry up, the best French sci-fi movie is leaving Amazon Prime Video (and it’s a scandal)

Hurry up, the best French sci-fi movie is leaving Amazon Prime Video (and it’s a scandal)

If French cinema has no problem producing successful comedies (cliché and uncomfortable), effective black thrillers (which all look more or less the same) or even epic action films (but don’t reinvent much), on the other hand, as Sees hard to revive science fiction.

One of the most watched French films in the world

However, back in 1997 (sorry I’m not a sore old knock-out), Luc Besson proved to us that France didn’t have to flounder in the face of American competition by making one of the best SF films ever made: The fifth element. Carried by a crazy cast (Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, Chris Tucker) and a simple but particularly fun concept, it swept everything in its path at the time.

7.7 million admissions in France, 43.4 million admissions worldwide – which allowed him to be in the TOP 5 of the greatest successes of a French feature film abroad, 3 Césars, 1 nomination at the Oscars … The fifth element It gradually gained cult movie status, and now it’s not uncommon to see it incorporated into conversations, invited to conventions, or Halloween with disguises in homage to Lilo or Ruby Road.

what is he talking about ?

In 1914, in the Egyptian era, an archaeologist encounters aliens who take with them the Five Elements (four stones and a human being) and announce to him that they will return when evil has returned again. 300 years later, in a future as crazy as it is technological, an alien ship finds itself under attack, allowing the release of the fifth element: a woman named Lilo. Then she meets a very special taxi driver and the two race against time to find the stones before evil takes them.

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The fifth elementan act of worship

Unfortunately, if this movie is now a must-see on all moviegoers’ bucket lists, it will soon disappear from our screens. Currently available on Prime Video, You will actually leave the catwalk catalog on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. And for now, there are no plans to return to Amazon or land on a competing streaming site. Sniff.

Also, to motivate you to watch it now before it’s gone, here’s a small list of useless tidbits for you to know about this movie. They can always save you during the next endless Christmas meals…

The fifth element It was written in part by Luc Besson from the age of 16.

Costumes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

– The language spoken by Lilo consists of 400 words invented by Bison.

– The movie has been made into a video game for the PlayStation which is terrifying.

– Corbin Dallas, Bruce Willis’ character, almost played by Mel Gibson and Jean Reno.

– There is a reference to total recall So cool the way Zurg’s secretary paints her nails.

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