Does Instagram really bring back the timeline news feed?

Instagram Director Adam Mosseri has been promising this since last year. The timeline news feed was going to make a big comeback on Instagram. But the new features that the platform launched this week do not quite match what users expected.

Two display modes

These are two features that were made official after they were made Presented briefly in January. The first is next onetranslated into French by Subscriptions. It allows you to view the posts of people you follow in order. the second, Favorite, displays the latest contents of a selected group of accounts. This can relate to a maximum of 50 sources. They are then marked with a star-shaped icon in the feed.

corn Subscriptions And the Favorite They are not settings that can be activated by default, so you can follow the news feed according to these criteria when you open the application.
These are just two additional viewing modes that are accessed via the dropdown menu via the Instagram logo in the upper left corner (see screenshot above).

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Insufficient alternative to algorithms

After being tested by Congress in December 2021, Adam Mosseri had to respond afterwards The embarrassing revelation of Detective Frances Hogan. In particular, mention was made of the harmful effects of Instagram on the mental health of adolescent girls.

The operational obfuscation of algorithms prioritizing content in the feed has been called into question. So it was necessary to find alternatives to prove the goodwill of Instagram to make things better. Subscriptions And the Favorite It is meant to provide an answer to this problem. But this may not be enough.

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