Here are the spring fruits that you should eat to get rid of belly fat

Here are the spring fruits that you should eat to get rid of belly fat

We can never praise enough the benefits of fruits for our health. Rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, they have a very special place in our diet. “Consume at least 5 fruits and vegetables Daily “This is a phrase we have been hearing constantly since we were kids.
But one of them is also known to promote weight loss. With the coming of summer, we love to eat it. It's about strawberries.

Strawberries, a true slimming ally

This fruit is rich in insoluble fiber, which helps promote transit and metabolism Relieve bloating. but that is not all ! Strawberries also contain soluble fiber, which comes in… It sucks Fat in the abdominal area.

In addition to being low in calories, it has a real impact Appetite suppressant. These fruits are rich in water They are hydrating foods that can increase feelings of fullness and avoid overeating at meals or snacks. Lisa Richard, nutritionist at The Candida Diet, says in US media columns Found.

What types of strawberries should we prefer?

For a flat stomach, strawberries can be your best ally. “Merge them In our diet can allow us to achieve Waist target While we enjoy the sweetness that nature offers us.”The specialist adds.

Another reason to consume this fruit: it is Rich in vitamin C and antioxidantsWhich helps strengthen the immune system! To benefit from all its benefits, you should obviously eat strawberries without added sugar or Chantilly cream. We also have a preference for Organic French strawberries (Gariguette, Ciflorette or even Charlotte) instead of those that come from Spain and are rich in pesticides that are not licensed in France.

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