100% remission thanks to immunotherapy

To achieve this result, no technology other than immunotherapy – which is given over 6 months – was needed. In fact, doctors did not use “chemotherapy, surgery, or radiotherapy,” emphasizes Professor Sasha Roth, lead author of the MSK clinical trial. “The adverse effects (intestinal and bladder disturbances, incontinence, impotence, infertility) normally described in the course of these methods were avoided. The patients’ quality of life improved.”

Another point: No cancer recurrence has been reported. “More than two years after the rectal tumor disappeared, patients did not develop other precancerous diseases.”

To date, immunotherapy has been known to be effective in the management of metastatic colorectal cancer. “We now know that this approach is very promising for patients who carry a ‘mismatched repair deficiency’ gene mutation.” Note that the latter relates to all volunteers included in the MSK study, and generally affects 5 to 10% of patients diagnosed with rectal cancer. .

This study, conducted on a small sample, still needs to be continued. But we are already satisfied with the confirmation of immunotherapy sensitivity to this specific mutation. This protocol can also be part of the treatment of patients with this type of cancer and Lynch syndrome, which all patients in the MSK study experienced,” says Professor Roth. This genetic disease poses a high risk of cancer, especially of rectal and colorectal cancer. Against the latter, “chemotherapy and surgery are very ineffective.”

Excess weight, physical inactivity, animal fats

Rectal polyp can occur under the influence of several risk factors:

A diet too rich, especially in animal fats, with increased risks associated with excess red meat;

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Lack of physical activity.

– overweight

Alcohol and tobacco use.

Side stitch, pause and start over

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