ChatGPT: What new features are expected for the first OpenAI conference?

ChatGPT: What new features are expected for the first OpenAI conference?

OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, is scheduled to hold its first developer conference on November 6, 2023 in San Francisco. This event, called “DevDay”, will allow you to discover the latest developments made by the company.

This is a first for the OpenAI Lab. On Wednesday, September 6, the Californian company behind the chat tool ChatGPT revealed some details about its first developer conference, which will be held on November 6.

If the event program is not detailed, the company has planned an opening speech, round tables organized by members of the company’s management, as well as the announcement of “new tools”, explaining 01net.

A list that is still secret, but will specifically include the next version of the OpenAI language model, GPT-5.

New watermark for Dall-E

Furthermore, improvements regarding image understanding are expected in the GPT-4 release. The image-to-text generator Dall-E, also developed by OpenAI, can be overlaid with a new watermark, thus responding to authorities’ concerns about fraud and misinformation.

In the coming weeks, the form will allow you to request actual participation in the event. Only a few hundred places will be available. If you cannot be on site, it will be possible to follow the event remotely via a video stream, which all developers are invited to connect to.

The conference will be strategic for the company, which aims to be more solid than its competitors Meta and Google, which aims to reach $1 billion in revenue in 2024.

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