In pictures | She can no longer sell her residence, which she turned into a “giant doll house.”

In pictures |  She can no longer sell her residence, which she turned into a “giant doll house.”

A British pottery artist and her husband are reportedly unable to sell their residence, which has turned into a “giant doll's house” over the years. woman.

Since purchasing the property for €30,000 (about $44,000 CAD) in 1987, Mary Rose Young has redecorated her home into a massive, colorful work of art.

Since 2014, the artist and her husband, Phil Butcher, have been trying to sell the house in Lydney, UK. The couple wanted to use the money to open a boutique hotel. According to real estate agents, the value of the property was estimated at no less than 250,000 euros, or approximately 365,000 Canadian dollars.

However, potential buyers all seem to have been impressed by the home's colorful style.

Mary Rose Young admits she could have changed the decor to give the residence a more traditional feel, but she couldn't erase her “life's work.” Moreover, she says she still loves her home.

“I arranged this house according to my lifestyle and I never saw it as something that could be sold. We live here like two children in a doll's house, and looking back, why would anyone want to buy it? It's a children's playhouse,” says the artist.

The latter claims that it believes a collector may have wanted to acquire the property, but no one has raised their hand yet.

“Someone came to visit and looked at her, but she didn't stay long,” Ms Young said.

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