Greece: A dog on a Transavia plane suffers from shortness of breath

Greece: A dog on a Transavia plane suffers from shortness of breath

Two passengers from Transavia have decided to file a complaint against the airline for negligence and animal abuse, over the poor care of their 9-year-old dog who ended her trip to the vet.

The couple was scheduled to travel on Saturday, August 19, between the Greek island of Preveza and Paris-Orly airport in France, when they noticed that the animal was suffering from shortness of breath, France Live reported on Sunday.

Long before the flight, Tootsie was already refusing to stay in the airport terminal, and things got worse when she had to climb into her crate to make the flight in the hold.

According to the couple, members of the Dutch company refused to allow him to install a water bottle in the cage due to the possibility of injuries, despite the hot weather that day.

After 4 hours and 30 minutes into the journey, the dog’s owners picked up their dog around 9pm in a woeful condition severely dehydrated and with breathing difficulties, as determined.

Even if the animal regains its color after a visit to a veterinary hospital, the gentlemen do not want to let the matter go and intend to file a complaint against the airline.

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