Science has found the song that makes us the happiest (which is a bit unexpected)

Can you make the world happy with just one song? Is there a “magic formula” for composing such a song? According to a researcher from the University of Sheffield, the answer is yes. He even found the song that makes everyone happy. explanations.

ain all your Song Which makes us especially happy. Whether it’s because it brings us back to a memory, person, or moment in our lives, or simply because the air is particularly attractive. Music is subjective, is there a song that everyone agrees on? Yes, according to a researcher at the University of Sheffield (UK). Or at least a formula for making a song that makes people happy.

The magic formula of the happy song

Major key, seventh chords, 137bpm, 4/4 time and a simple structure: If you haven’t studied music theory, you may not understand everything. though, It’s the magic formula for composing a song happyAccording to Dr Michael Bronchor, Professor of Music Psychology at the University of Sheffield. This song must also have a “short intro – less than 14 seconds long – a looping note […] And a mixture of predictability and surprise,” he explains in A communication. The researcher continues, “With the addition of a repetitive beat or a guitar riff that people can pick up easily and that’s memorable, it’s the icing on the cake.”

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There is a Song Which exactly corresponds to this formula according to it: good feeling Beach Boys. Released in 1966, the song ticks all the boxes on this magical recipe. But other songs also fit these criteria according to Dr. Bronchor: I got you (feel good) by James Brown, fun house madness or Get the party started by P! nk.

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What songs make you the happiest?

whether good feeling by the Beach Boys is the song that instantly makes everyone happy, and it’s not the only song that has this magical build. Narrated by Dr. Bronchor 10 songs that always put people in a good mood Thanks to its construction:

  • good feelingBeach Boys
  • I got you (feel good)James Brown
  • fun houseMad
  • start the party, P! nk
  • city ​​girl, Billy Joel
  • The sun is shinyBob Marley
  • I walk around, Beach Boys
  • YMCA, Villagers
  • Waterloo Oppa
  • SeptemberEarth, wind and fire

Why do we need songs that make you happy?

To conduct this study, Dr. Bronchor studied the listening habits of 2,000 adult participants. 32% of them use music to improve their mood and almost half of them (46%) find that it helps Singing one of their favorite songs automatically puts them in a good mood. We’ll even have your all Eight songs we’re back on at random to improve his mood.

Without necessarily building knowledge, The catchy beat of the song is what makes you appreciate it for 58% of the respondents. Nostalgia also plays an important role in our association with music. Almost six out of 10 (58%) people in a good mood listen to songs that bring back memories.

But for some, it’s not just a memory: for 38% of adults, The happiest songs are those released during Teen. In the previous Stady, released in 2020, 58% of adults surveyed said they felt instantly happy when listening to a song released during their teenage years. Nostalgia when you hold us…

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