Great thriller author J.R. Dos Santos reveals the true intentions of Chinese power in his new novel

Great thriller author J.R. Dos Santos reveals the true intentions of Chinese power in his new novel

Portuguese writer and journalist J.R. dos Santos, known as one of the greatest authors of science thrillers in Europe and the United States, paid close attention to Chinese politics, traditions, and practices of power to write a breathtaking new novel, The woman with the red dragon. Through his many characters and their adventures, he dissects the strategy of the ancient Middle Kingdom for thousands of years and reveals its intentions toward the West.

The novel revolves around a young Uyghur member of the Chinese Communist Party, Medina. She learned Chinese at a very young age, is literate and has undying worship of the Party leader. But she is imprisoned and confesses to crimes she did not commit.

Thomas Noronha, the famous cryptographer and star of the series, learns that his wife has been kidnapped in India along with an unknown woman calling herself the Red Dragon. He sets out at full speed in search of them, with the help of Charlie Chang, a CIA agent. Thomas faces a reality he never knew existed.

In an email interview, J.R. Dos Santos explains what prompted him to write this thrilling novel.

“I realized that the Chinese Communist Party was playing a double game with the world in many ways.”

He explains. “Chinese military doctrine is based primarily on deception, as this shows Art of war By Sun Tzu. This ideal strategy would be to start a war with someone—the West in this case—while making sure the enemy doesn’t realize there’s a war. Until it’s too late, of course. »

“They speak a double language: they talk about friendship, harmony, common grounds, building bridges, etc., and all sorts of things we want to hear. But in reality they are building up a massive military force and subjugating as many countries as possible, exporting their totalitarian dictatorial project and society.” Monitoring. »

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“They will continue this project if we continue to misunderstand their true plans. That is why I found it necessary to write The woman with the red dragon. The novel explains what is really happening in China and what are the true ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party for humanity. »

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Writing challenge

His exciting film is full of relevant information, in-depth analysis, knowledge, but also action and strong emotions. What is the biggest challenge he faced in writing?

“My greatest fear was bigotry and bigotry. I found it necessary to explain the danger the Chinese Communist Party posed to the world and to freedom, but I feared that this warning would give rise to the idea of ​​a ‘yellow peril’. There is no ‘yellow peril’. The problem is not China.” “It is a beautiful country full of cultured, hard-working people. The problem lies specifically with the Chinese Communist Party and its plan to export dictatorship and control over other countries.”

Concentration camps

He continues his explanation. “In China, there are more than 100 concentration camps where millions of people are imprisoned on ethnic grounds. The Chinese Communist Party enforces unpaid labor (i.e. slavery), practices forced abortion and sterilization of women from certain ethnic groups, which is also called genocide according to the United Nations definition »

What’s more: the Chinese Communist Party killed between 35 and 65 million people, making it the greatest killer in history, even more than the Soviet Communist Party and the Nazi Party in Germany. »

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JR dos Santos, who lived in Macau in his youth, adds that he cannot “remain indifferent.”

But the challenge was to write a narrative about what was happening in China, without stigmatizing the entire Chinese people. He is actually the first victim. »

  • JR dos Santos is a journalist, war correspondent and presenter of Portugal’s 8pm TV news.
  • He is considered one of the greatest authors of scientific thrillers in Europe and the United States.
  • He has just finished his next novel, which will be released in 2024.
  • His narration Codex Alimentarius 632 It has just been adapted into a series; It will air in October.
  • He will visit Montreal and Quebec at the end of November.


“So, let’s get to the point,” Zhang replied indignantly. What is the important thing in this manuscript that your wife pointed out?

“I can’t say,” Thomas replied. I know Papyrus 47, but I’m missing some data to understand how it relates to the kidnapping of my wife. Don’t forget that you have not yet told me anything concrete about the motives for this kidnapping. Without this kind of information, I am happy to offer you my knowledge of this manuscript, and it is up to you to evaluate the appropriateness of what I am telling you. »

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