Android will archive apps to free up your smartphone storage

Android will archive apps to free up your smartphone storage

Android is coming soon with a new way to free up your smartphone storage space. Google states that it has developed a solution that allows archiving apps to recover memory. This option is available by the end of the year, and is an alternative to completely uninstalling the app.

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Google has found a solution for Free up storage space on Android smartphones. In a blog post published on March 8, 2022, the Mountain View giant explained that this is so “start working” A new feature allows archiving of applications.

When a user decides to archive an app that they no longer use regularly, Android will do so Uninstall part of this app. The app will not be completely uninstalled from your phone. Google confirms that archiving apps must allow this Free up 60% of storage With each application, which should be quickly felt on how much memory is left.

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Google offers to archive unused Android apps to save storage space

“The archived application will remain on the device and can be easily restored to the latest available compatible version, while retaining user data”, Lydia Gaymond and Vicki Amin, product managers at Google, say in the post. To preserve the data inherent in the application, Android will create Archived APK file. Data stored in the app, such as usernames, passwords, notes, or photos, will be retrieved when the app is reactivated.

Thanks to this novelty, owners of Android smartphones will not be No need to uninstall apps periodically To restore some memory. Likewise, they will not have to expand their phone storage with an SD card or invest in a smartphone with a large memory.

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Google points out that the implementation of archiving is still in its infancy. The company has started making archived APK files available to all developers who use App bundlesPublishing format for Google Play. “As we start creating archived APKs now, they won’t work until the archiving feature launches to consumers later this year,” Google gets angry.

So archiving applications will be Available on Android by the end of 2022. The feature can be expected to be part of the novelty Android 13 . UpdateThe final version is scheduled to be published in September.

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