Glorified as an OL executive in Marseille? He makes a crazy statement

Glorified as an OL executive in Marseille?  He makes a crazy statement

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Glorified as an OL executive in Marseille? He makes a crazy statement

Published October 29, 2023 at 8:30 pm.

OM and OL face each other on Sunday evening in what promises to be a hot Olympics. Lyon is almost bound to win given its position in the standings. To get there, they will rely on Anthony Lopez in goal. A player who is not highly regarded by Marseille fans during matches, but it is quite the opposite in daily life according to Xavier Bernan, Jones’ goalkeeper advisor. The latter believes that given his performances over several years, he could have already had a statue in Marseille, if he played for Marseille.

OL is currently in serious crisis. The first in terms of results, because Lyon occupies last place in the standings, and has not yet won any match this season. Then in the locker room, because the coach for a few days Fabio Grosso He goes chasing a mole. In fact, the player was going to provide some information to the press, which did not please the Italian.

OL are counting on Lopez

Hopefully he leaves with the three points Marseille,playersol It must be effective. Fabio Grosso Therefore, he will depend on his scorer. Alexandre LacazetteBut also its opposite on Earth, Anthony Lopez. Indeed, the Lyon goalkeeper may be in high demand on Sunday evening, and he will have to respond.

Statue in Marseille Lopez?

before the match, Xavier BerninadvisorAnthony Lopez It returned to relations between supportersOh The Portuguese goalkeeper L progress. He also claimed that the janitorol He really deserved a statue Marseille If he plays for Marseille, given his performance. “I live near Marseille, and every time Anthony comes to see me, and he meets the people of Marseille, they are very nice to him, but in the stadium he gets booed. However, Anthony would do in Marseille, and what he did in Lyon, he would have a statue, That’s for sure.”

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