Gianluca De Ficchy holds the general management of Mobilize

Gianluca De Ficchy holds the general management of Mobilize

after departure Clotilde Delbus Last December, Joao Miguel Leandro took over the duties of General Manager of Crowd financial services While Phaedra Ribeiro was in charge of the general administration of the Crowd behind cars. Two entities operating jointly under a banner crowd which had, until then, been denied a single ruling.

Unite to control better

This general authority now rests with Gianluca De Vecchi who is therefore responsible for the financial services packaging and packaging brands for Beyond Automotive from February 1, 2023. Former Purchasing Manager foralliance He will be responsible for promoting cooperation between the two peoples Because the combination of know-how and strengths in financial services mobilization and beyond auto mobilization will allow us to significantly accelerate our business. Development in services », Confirms Luke De MeoCEO of Renault group.

He started his professional career at Ernst & Young in 1994 before joining Building Renault in 2001 as CFO of RCI Bank in Italy, Gianluca De Vecchi He chaired the board of directors of Diac SA or even Nissan Europe Prior to being appointed as Director of Purchasingalliance and CEO of the Alliance Buying Organization (APO). He has now been promoted to General Manager crowdconfirms its purpose of association Closely mobilize activities of financial services and rally beyond cars [afin] To cover the entire value chain of Mobilityalso relying on the strengths of Renault group. »

The next generation of Gianluca De Ficchy is called François Provost

He left his position in the Alliance to lead crowdGianluca De Vecchi leaves a seat vacant, with François Provost taking over. exit fromUniversity of Applied Sciences and the Ecole des Mines de Paris, which began its professional career within The Ministry of Economy and Finance, to the Treasury, before the Industrial Adviser is paid to Ministry of Defensejoined Renault Commercial Division in 2002. In 2005, he became Managing Director of Renault Renault Nissan Portugal and then Chairman and CEO of Renault Samsung Motors in 2011. Since 2021 he has also managed the public affairs department of Renault groupa task he will continue to do in parallel with his new title Alliance Procurement Manager and CEO of the Alliance Buying Organization (APO).

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