Animated films for all ages at the Anima Festival

Animated films for all ages at the Anima Festival

The New Adventures of Cappellito

For children from 3 years old

Of course, young children can go to the movies too. The Spanish cartoon “The New Adventures of Capilito”, for example, is tailor-made for them: it barely lasts 40 minutes, and is divided into 8 short stories. The main character is a mushroom that has been entertaining children for 20 years. This time again, he lives all kinds of funny adventures. He also has a unique talent: by pressing his magic nose, he can transform his hat into any headgear.

Pig love

For children from 6 years old

With “A pig’s love” (Knor), Holland released her first feature film set in motion (you know, puppets that move gradually). “Pig’s Love” is based on the book Tosca Menten, the story of a 9-year-old girl who receives a piglet from her grandfather. But is this Christmas as innocent as it seems? The fun adventure hits theaters at the same time, and next week we’ll be handing the job to director Mascha Halberstad.

Rich bit of harmony

For young teens from 10 years old

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A festival like ANIMA wouldn’t be complete without a good dose of Japanese animation. How about, say, the story of a young teen who is, in fact, a singing robot, with an extraordinary AI between her ears and a programmed mission: to make a lonely classmate happy. He says of director Yasuhiro Yoshiura that he is “the next Miyazaki”. This movie shows why.


For teens from 12 years old (and therefore adults as well)

As the opening film, ANIMA has selected a Portuguese film of the year (with a Belgian contribution). “Nayola” is set in Angola, against the backdrop of the civil war that tore the country apart for more than 25 years, after its independence in 1974. The film shows three generations of women from the same family, facing war, each in their own way. But love still unites them. A nice movie about a topic we don’t know much about.

Anima, from 17 to 26 February inclusive, in Brussels. All information here

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