Get this new handheld console with 3 months of Game Pass included!

Get this new handheld console with 3 months of Game Pass included!

So this offer from Cdiscount is interested in the latest popular mobile console at the moment, the ASUS ROG Ally. It must be said that it has many arguments that deserve all this attention.

Starting with a very powerful tech sheet, including a powerful AMD Z1 Extreme chip showcasing 8 cores clocked at up to 5.10GHz and 16 threads, as well as a dedicated AMD RDNA 3 12 CPU GPU promising 8.6 Tera Flops of power.

Enough to take full advantage of the beautiful 7-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) LCD touchscreen, with up to 120Hz refresh rate. To spoil nothing, ASUS ROG Ally also showcases ergonomic controls with asymmetrical sticks and various buttons cleverly placed for comfortable use.

As for the operating system, the console uses an adapted version of Windows 11, which provides excellent compatibility with most PC games. It will also be possible to release it with a large catalog of games, this offer from Cdiscount including 3 months of Game Pass subscription.

Portable console requires ASUS ROG Ally to accompany you everywhere with dimensions of 21.2 x 28 x 11.1 cm, with a weight of 608 grams. Its transportation will also be facilitated by the presence of a case specially designed for this purpose in this packaging offered by Cdiscount.

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