A ‘Super Thunder Moon’ Will Light Up the Sky on Wednesday: When and How to Watch It?

Hobbyastronomy You will have the opportunity to observe a “Thunder Moon” between Wednesday, July 13th at 10pm and Thursday, July 14th at 4:52am. Concretely, this is the moment when the moon is closest to a landa phenomenon that has already occurred three times this year, our colleagues from RTL.

The term “supermoon”, or “perihelion – seige”, is used when the star is between 356,410 and 358,000 kilometers from Earth at the time of the full moon. However, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, it will be only 357,264 kilometers from our planet. Thus, it will appear larger and brighter than usual by 16%.

For endoscopic or telescope observation

In order to observe this phenomenon in the best possible conditions, it will be necessary to wait for sunset and then ideally to equip yourself with binoculars or a telescope in order to appreciate in more detail. It is also possible to go to one of the clubs of the French Astronomy Association (AFA) to learn more and take advantage of high-quality equipment.

And if you can’t enjoy this natural spectacle this time, you will have the opportunity to catch the last “giant moon” on August 11, 2022.

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