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Excerpt from a photograph of Lise Meitner, who was to discover the concept of nuclear fission. Alessio Editions

Chronicle – With humor and rigor, Camille van Belle paints a portrait of nearly 40 scientists who, despite their successes, have not marked memories.

Tired of always hearing about the same big names in biology, medicine, mathematics or astrophysics? the book Science forgot It should satisfy you. In this highly documented and hilarious comic strip, Camille Van Bell (Who cut his teeth as a journalist in the Department of Science and Medicine in figaro ) paints a picture of nearly 40 scientists who, unfortunately, did not mark the memories despite their successes.

Do you know, for example, Ernst Duchesne? At the end of the nineteenth centurye Century, this French doctor, then student of a thesis on the effect of mold on bacteria, discovered the presence of antibiotics… 31 years before the British doctor Alexander Fleming “officially” discovered penicillin. Ironically, Duchesne died at the age of 37, possibly from tuberculosis. A bacterial infection that can be treated very well today…thanks to antibiotics! His work fell into oblivion, because his thesis director was…

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