Biden warns of ‘consequences’ of China’s aid to Russia

“The implications and consequences if China provides material support to Russia as it launches a brutal attack on Ukrainian cities and civilians,” US President Joe Biden explained in a video interview with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, he said. Tell the White House. Friday.

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The two leaders indicated their desire to “keep channels of communication open” during this nearly two-hour meeting that was devoted primarily to the war in Ukraine, according to a press release from the US CEO, published roughly four hours after the meeting ended. end of the conversation.

Joe Biden also insisted on “elaborating” the harsh economic and financial sanctions that the West has imposed on Russia, as did the US presidency, which did not specify what retaliation China itself would offer if it provided assistance to Russia.

The long-awaited meeting between the two heads of state did not signal a major shift in the position of the United States or China, which has not yet condemned or criticized the Russian attack.

Xi Jinping maintained ambiguity, saying on Friday that military conflicts were “not in anyone’s interest” and stressed that “the Ukraine crisis (was not) something we wanted to see,” according to remarks broadcast on Chinese TV while the conversation was still going on. In progress.

China also called on the United States and NATO to hold a “dialogue” with Russia on Moscow’s “security concerns,” in a Foreign Ministry statement issued after the exchange, which will address a topic dear to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The United States is concerned about possible military assistance from China to Russia, or seeing Beijing help Moscow circumvent Western sanctions.

It was also discussed during the Taiwan Stock Exchange, which is a very controversial topic.

Joe Biden reiterated that “US policy on Taiwan has not changed,” and “insisted that the United States continues to oppose any unilateral change to the status quo.”

China claims the island. The United States pledges to recognize only one China, while providing arms to Taiwan to defend itself.

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