The official application is available in France

The official application is available in France

You can now use ChatGPT on your iPhone. Thursday, May 25, the American company OpenAI published the official application of its famous generative artificial intelligence on the Apple App Store. The service is available at this address For iPhone users with iOS 16.1 or above.

A few days after the US, the French can now order the gadget from their iPhone. As on a computer, an OpenAI account is required to connect to it.

The application offers the same functionality as the web version of the service. It comes in the form of a chatbot with which you can ask anything in dozens of languages. Order history is maintained to easily switch from one to another. It is possible to use it in a free version, with the GPT-3.5 language model or for a paid subscription of 23 € per month to take advantage of the new features of GPT-4 launched in mid-March.

Be careful, however, if you want to download the app. There are many unofficial ChatGPT replicas on the Apple App Store. These apps use official tool color codes to encourage internet users to fill in their banking information to take advantage of all their options. Cybersecurity researchers have also noticed fake ChatGPT malware apps on Android as there is no official app yet.

Rendu accessible au plus grand nombre fin novembre, ChatGPT a fait une irruption fracassante dans le débat public en offrant une illustration concrète des dernières avancées de l’intelligence artificielle générative, which se retrouve aujourd’hui au cœur d’une bataille entre les géants des New technologies. According to the latest stats, ChatGPT had nearly 200 million active accounts in April, and ChatGPT-4 had more than 4 billion visits when it was launched.

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