Football – Sectional Cup Semi-Final: Mollion – Lescar and Anglet (B) – Portuguese from Pau in the Pyrenees

Football – Sectional Cup Semi-Final: Mollion – Lescar and Anglet (B) – Portuguese from Pau in the Pyrenees

“Savigoal” was very relaxed and had a good sense of humour, as he executed the different draws: from under-15s to veterans. I remember Menen, a Division 3 club, which still competes in the Dargens Cup but also in the Vispali Cup. Rare performance.

Women's cut 64-40

After Pau FC was eliminated in the quarter-finals, there were no representatives left for Béarnais in the quarter-finals (for which the draw had already been made). On Wednesday, May 1, the semi-final will be held between Biarritz vs. Anglet and Sud-Lands vs. Bayonne or Tartas.

Pyrenees Cup

April 20 or 21: Moleon (R3) – Lescar (R1), Anglet (M) (R2) – Portuguese De Pau (R2)

Vespaly Cup

April 20 or 21: Monin (D3) – Blues De Pau (D1), Castis Guz (D1) – Loons (D1)

Dargens Cup

April 20 or 21: Arjen Lozen (C) – Puy de Lescar (B), Blues de Pauw (B) – Monin

Fuma Cup (Ages 7)

Sunday, April 21: Asmore – Vallée Aussie, Ostaritz – Louis de Bern

Guan Long Cup (7-year-old veteran)

Sunday, April 21: Bourbaki PAO – Lons Ardanafi – PAO FC

Pyrenees Cup U19

April 27 or 28: Lescard – Göransson or Hasparin, Biarritz/Cibourg – Mai de Bern

U19 Provincial Cup

April 27 or 28: Anglet – Bardes, Lescard – Hasparin

Pyrenees Cup U17

April 27 or 28: Ostaritz/Campo Orthez/Pyrenees, Pau FC – Biarritz

Under-17 Cheerleading Cup

April 27 or 28: Lescar (B) – Aveyron Bayonet (B), Blues Pau – Gorançon or Bassin-de-Lac

Pyrenees Cup U15

April 27 or 28: Oloron – Saint-Pierre-Derup, La Ribière/Vallee-Ossie/Nay – Crusaders of Bayonne

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Under-15 Cheerleading Cup

April 27 or 28: Boucau – Miey de Béarn, Lons – Pontacq-/Plateau Enclaves

Final dates

On Saturday, May 11, Sauvignon will host a finals festival with the youth but also the seniors and veterans 7 which will be played at night (match starts at 8:45 p.m.).
Saturday, May 25 at Nouste Camp: Women's final at 2 p.m. Pyrenees final at 6 p.m.
Sunday 26 May at Nouste Camp: Dargains final at 12 noon. Vispali final at 4 p.m

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