NFT lands on Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft servers

NFT lands on Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft servers

NFTs continue to be introduced into video games. this time with Share two major privileges in this universe. Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft will now include NFTs that can be used directly in games. This novelty is the work of MyMetaverse and Enjin. The two companies have provided details regarding the first NFT suite available on the servers of the two popular games.

MetaHome baptized, first Collection NFT was introduced by MyMetaverse in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Minecraft was built on Efinity. The video game development company has significantly Gain early access to the decentralized and multi-chain network developed in Polkadot. The CEO and founder of MyMetaverse, Simon Kertonegoro was particularly pleased with this sudden fortune.

The MetaHome Group is an exploration of the interoperability of blockchain-enabled games. Thanks to Enjin’s toolkit, it is now the first NFT that can be run within the Polkadot ecosystem. ‘, he did not say.

and specify that the NFTs of the said group Can be used in all MyMetaverse games. ” NFTs are built on Efinity and can be integrated into GTA and Minecraft servers. In Infinity Auto, the server for MyMetaverse 5 Grand Theft Auto (GTA), they take the form of a rare vehicle. In Survival Infinity, the MyMetaverse Minecraft server, they become a special sword. ‘, announced MyMetaverse.

Chief Technology Officer Enjin Witek Radomski said the platform’s mission is to become ” The NFT highway connecting game studios and their users on the blockchain. »

The MyMetaverse and Enjin initiative is in response to the growing demand from the gaming community to be able to own digital collectibles in their favorite games. There is no doubt that this example will be followed by developers of other video game franchises.

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