Football (Regional 1) – Benoit Sturbois: “We had a specific game plan and we stuck to it”

Football (Regional 1) – Benoit Sturbois: “We had a specific game plan and we stuck to it”

This Sunday, the Portuguese from Amiens were no exception to the rule by beating a team ahead of them in the standings. The Amiens took revenge on Saint-Omer.

On Sunday afternoon, the first half was in favour Portuguese. The latter created many opportunities but did not exploit them. despite of penalty Obtained after twenty minutes of play They missed the opportunity to open the score. After the players return from the locker room The country of Saint-OmerHe showed a completely different face than he did in the first half. The visitors controlled the ball. Despite this decline in speed in the second half. Enzo Tachette,join the game, Reverse the situation by opening the brand After a nice visit Jonathan Isambart. A goal that marks the return of the team's 14th player after serious injuries. It's nice, it's a token with a great pass from Isambart Who missed the shot on goal. He was a little affected by that. » He explains Benoit Storboys. Audomarois was unable to get back on track after that goal. At the end of this match, Amiens won by the smallest of margins.

Regional Football 1 Porto Portuguese Sant Omar Kevin Devine Sports Gazette 17

Retaliation against the team Saint-Omer Which was not easy to play: We came across a great team again today, who knows how to keep the ball, who knows how to keep his back turned. They were also interesting about the transitions. » But the style of behavior and sharpness presented by the Portuguese was good, according to what he said Benoit Storboys : We had a specific game plan and we stuck to it. Big congratulations to the players on Excess energy. They were truly flawless at this level.. » The success that makes up for the mistake he made against Etaples: It was a really big game, a really big test. We didn't get any points away from home, but at least We get them back, and that tidies things up a bit. »

Although the first half was in favor of the locals,… It's in the second where we're less good with the ball and where we score that goal. This means we have to ask ourselves the right questions: Do we sometimes have to give the ball to the opponent a little bit? I don't explain these air holes however I sign immediately if we score goals in weak times. »

The victory seems to show that the lack of defensive efficiency in recent matches has been partially corrected: “We have seen that when we stand up for each other and for each other, It's definitely better. I think keeping clean sheets should happen more often when you have a goalkeeper like us. » Repeatable performance Next week against Saint-Maximin, “LThe hardest part will be repeating this type of scenario and not conceding goals. Now, let's move on to next week's game It's going to be another big fight. It will be different, on grass and with a team that plays differently than Saint Omer offers. »

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We'll have to work again this week. Take at least one point and get points from time to time outside, if we want to preserve ourselves. At this moment, We've had a good run at home, but it won't work if we can't get a few points back away from home. I would like to have it this weekend. […] And we really want to get out of the blackberries this year so we can sustain ourselves and be ready for next season. The tournament is very complicated, especially with so many downs, it will be difficult. »

Thanks to this success, Portuguese from Amiens They've got at least four places and find themselves in it The first step of the platform Just behind Longo.

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Zone 1, Day 12, Group A:
Amiens Porto – Pays de Saint-Omer: 1-0 (0-0)

FC Porto lineup: Gneji, Seguinbo, Chancel, Amir, Sako, Kubele, Fakwer, Da Vega, Nziza, Isambart, Lahiri
Substitutes at FC Porto: Edes, Toure, Tachet

Goal for FC Porto: Enzo Tachette (82′)

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