Football: a good test for the Portuguese

Football: a good test for the Portuguese

The captain of his Portuguese R2 group FC Porto of Amiens moves this Sunday in the garden of Ailly-sur-Somme, author of a good start to the season.

The Portuguese want “Finally claims to make a chain” And the Browse the Good match from San Nicolas. » Not that their start to the season is wasted, but Benoit Storboa Demands. This aspect of continuity emphasizes, “This is where I expect the players, to be consistent in the performance.” because if “It seems to be getting better and better, and communication is better”What he saw, especially abroad, did not always please him: “We blow hot and cold. we wins at Saint-Maximin By producing a very good first half but by being very mediocre in the second half and we weren’t there against Chevrières. »

And this time, the opponent could be of a higher caliber. At least the start of the season elegua was excellent (7 points in 3 matches) until the first node, a 3-1 defeat to Jamachis In a late game last weekend. A meeting attended by the coach of Amiens and he concluded it all “It is a team that will give us a hard time.” Since it is expected ” a complex match » Also because it’s a file my derbyAnd the “We all have to participate and be 100% to get a result.”

The doubt still in the mind of Benoît Sturbois isphysical condition of his soldiers. If he hopes that two weeks without a match will make it possible “costs”is also afraid of “No rhythm.” Rhythm, Maxime Kiobelwho was released due to a major hemorrhage against Chevrières, has found some in reserve last week and is therefore applying for a return, even if “Against Saint Nicholas, Yehui took matters very well.” No return, on the other hand, to the love And the idea who have one game and two suspensions respectively. Bimexcluded in reserve, also suspended and diffuchel Unavailable. for peasHe’s not sure, because he’s had the flu since the beginning of the week.

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Fifth day of regional 2
Sunday, November 6, 2:30 p.m., Stade Nicolas Coupe: FC Elie sur Som Smara (5th place, 7 points) – Amiens (Porto Portugal)First 9 points)

Morgan Schumer
Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports
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