'Football is not just about glamour': Ex-Tite Samuel Essendi sets off for Portugal

'Football is not just about glamour': Ex-Tite Samuel Essendi sets off for Portugal

Our meeting “Made in the IDF”.

Since those who make the news often come from Ile-de-France, a fertile ground for talent, our Made in the IDF article series invites you back to the origins of their history. Through photos, and testimonials from early coaches, teachers and managers, who have watched these gems of yesteryear blossom into performers and key players in today's high-level sport.

“This moment is still etched in my memory.” He has not forgotten anything about May 29, 2016. In the stillness of his eighteenth spring, he puzzles, with the wing of a dove stamped with the stamp of audacity, the goalkeeper of Saint-Etienne. This gesture is similar to the one performed by Ibrahimovic with Paris Saint-Germain against Bastia in 2013completing the Parisians' demonstration (4-0) and obliterating their qualification to the final of the French U-19 Championship.

Eight years later, Samuel Essende, the author of this little gem, is now active in the Portuguese League D1 in Vizela, the relegated Red Lantern. With 15 achievements, or 50% of his team's total, he's terrorizing the counters and building a reputation. This easily exceeds the boundaries of this small town with a population of 25,000 located in the Braga region.

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