Family activities to spend the summer at Boss

Family activities to spend the summer at Boss

Summer is so short in Quebec that it’s best to make the most of every sunny day, and what could be better than spending time with family!

If you are running out of ideas or you are just discovering Beauce, today we have some ideas for family picnics to create great memories for you.

Miller Zoo is a zoo and wildlife rehabilitation center that allows young and old to meet the world’s animals in a healthy and respectful setting. The Foundation aims to raise public awareness of respect for wildlife.

This dinosaur park takes visitors back in time. Go on an adventure in the jungle and see dinosaurs in their natural habitat. There is an excavation site, an adventure track, stage shows, games…

  • Adventure Village
    in St. Jules

This adventure space is equipped with, among other things, low-altitude aerial tracks, giant trampolines, courses in trees, 16 zip-lines, a race track, a mysterious maze…

  • Maison JA Fashion
    in Saint Mary’s

Maison J. -A. Vachon has a new exhibit this year that recounts the 100-year history of the famous “Vachon Mini Cakes”.

  • Aviation Museum
    in Saint Mary’s

Located on the site of the Maison Dupuis, the Aviation Museum contributes to the preservation and promotion of the historical heritage. Seven local Sainte-Marie-de-Bose pilots were involved in the development of aviation in Quebec and Canada and contributed to the development of global civil aviation.

  • Boss Railway Museum
    in Vallée-Junction

Since its founding in 1990 by a group of volunteers wishing to save Vallée-Jonction station from demolition, the main objective of the Beauce Railway Museum has been to work to protect, restore, preserve and enhance Beauce’s railway heritage. You can see locomotives, wagons, photographs, and many railroad artifacts.

  • Marius Barbeau Museum
    in Saint-Joseph-de-Bose

This place is a place for cultural exhibition where you can see different works of art.

  • Marie Fitzbach Cultural Center
    in Saint George

This place offers an introduction to art and culture. You can visit two art galleries, four exhibition halls, a chapel, and the Artists and Craftsmen of Beauce shop.

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