Ubisoft | New mobile games for Netflix and Assassin’s Creed in 2023

Ubisoft |  New mobile games for Netflix and Assassin’s Creed in 2023

(Paris) French publisher Ubisoft will produce mobile video games for digital streaming giant Netflix, which is already preparing a series, and release the next episode of its series. Doctrine killer In 2023, it was announced on Saturday.

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This is the future Doctrine killerone of the most popular series in its catalog since its launch in 2007, will be called Mirage It will be held in Baghdad in the Middle Ages.

previous authorship, ValhallaMarketed in 2020, it has surpassed the “€1 billion in revenue” mark achieved, Ubisoft President Yves Guillemot confirmed, during a press conference.

In addition, after announcing in 2020 a partnership with Netflix to offer several series of the brand Doctrine killerUbisoft has reached an agreement to produce “three mobile games” on the platform, including one Doctrine killer Specifically, he added.

In the face of competition from other online streaming services, such as Disney+ or HBO Max, Netflix is ​​seeking to diversify, particularly by strengthening its position in video games.

epic Doctrine killer It was already adapted into comics as well as cinema in 2016, illustrating Ubisoft’s strategy to adapt its productions to other media.

Nearly ten films and series based on her games are planned for the next few years, including Rapids.

next to this part Mirage In 2023, other compositions byDoctrine killer They are planned for the future, including one set in Japan, according to Ubisoft.

Yves Guillemot also returned to the alliance formed this week with China’s Tencent to maintain control of his group. According to him, this agreement gives him “the right to work with all (partners) we want.”

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As part of this agreement, Tencent, which is already in the capital of the French video game champion, will invest 300 million euros and will work in coordination with the Guillemot family. Together, they will own 24.9% of the group’s voting rights.

This agreement ensures the family’s control of Ubisoft, while the video game sector is the scene of major merger maneuvers and the French publisher attracts greed.

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